Ray City

A racing simulator video game that takes place in Korea

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    Racing games

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    Windows 2000 / Windows XP

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RayCity is a PC game developed by one of the most famous game companies in the world, EA Sports’ Seoul Studio, and it stands out as one of the only highly-detailed free MMO games of its kind available.

RayCity from EA

A lot of gamers love talking about how complex first-person shooters are becoming, or how detail-oriented open-world games like Skyrim are, but you don’t hear a lot about racing games in this regard. Other than a few compliments about the evolution of the handling and the overall look of the game, racing games are pretty much niche-specific, while open-world and MMO games have a broader appeal. This is where RayCity sets a new precedent for racing games. Sure, it's still a racing game, but it actually takes place in an open-world environment where tons of people can gather in an MMO format to race against one another.

The file size is rather large for any game, 1.30 GB in size, but if you have at least a mid-level machine, you should be able to handle it. Something with a decent processor, a standalone GPU, and at least 4GB of RAM should be more than sufficient. Though regardless of the hardware you have, you’ll also need a good Internet connection to play this game that’s hosted in Singapore.

Features of RayCity

You will find all kinds of impressive features with RayCity, but perhaps the most impressive is the sheer size of the world. Not only do you have a large, interactive environment to play in, it also consistently changes and adapts based on the various missions and quests undertaken, and based on how many players are actually on the game.

Another cool feature is the race feature. This is separate from the different quests and missions you can take, which themselves are cool features. But for the individual races, you can challenge up to 19 people (20-person race total) from across the globe and showcase your driving skills through narrow streets that twist and turn at regular intervals.

The club feature of RayCity is something that's just awesome if you're a social gamer. You can meet up with other drivers and partake in different quests and missions together, or you can group together and race other clubs to see who’s dominant.

The driving is hit or miss, depending on what your personal preferences are. It's very arcade-like in style, in that you can crash and keep going or make crazy turns that are anything but realistic. The cars are actually based on real cars, but the driving physics are 1980s. Whether this is a plus or minus depends on your style, but it does conflict with the rest of the game’s realism.


  • Free MMO racing game
  • A huge open-world environment
  • A social club
  • Plenty of missions


  • The driving is very arcade-like
  • Many players have high ping values
  • The game gets laggy

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